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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

We need you to join our Parliament Lobby on 13th June

Brain Tumour Research and other members of the Brain Tumour Consortium need you to come to Parliament and highlight the need for MPs and Government to do more in the campaign against Brain Tumours.

In particular, we need to make sure MPs realise how important this issue is by highlighting these facts:

  • Brain Tumours kill more young people (0-14) than any other cancer
  • More people under the age of 40 die from brain tumours than any other cancer
  • Up to 40% of cancers which initiate outside the brain end up with a  metastasis in the brain
  • 8,600 primary brain tumours are registered in the UK every year but many go unrecorded. Research by the brain tumour charities suggest the true figure is closer to 16,000 and that 32,000 develop secondary brain tumours in the UK yearly

But these facts alone are just some of the hundreds of pieces of information your MP is probably bombarded with every day. They are much more likely to remember your personal story and that is why your help is needed.

Once the MPs recognise the importance of the issue we will be asking MPs to take the following action on the day:

  • Sign a pledge to do more to highlight brain tumours
  • Distribute a press release template and photograph of them signing the pledge so that they raise awareness of the issue (and symptoms) in their local press – this will be provided following the event
  • To sign an Early Day Motion (EDM) drawing attention to these statistics
  • To back a new Number 10 e-petition we will be providing (once the current one by Rachael Clark lapses in June)

Ultimately, we are asking MPs to maintain pressure on Government to deliver:

  • Earlier, more accurate diagnosis;
  • Implementation of NICE’s  improving outcomes guidance – consistently applying best practice along the patient pathway and;
  • An increase in spend on research to reflect the true number of people affected by brain tumours.

To drive home these points we will leave each MP with a copy of the Brain Tumour Consortium Manifesto.

To join in please email Sue@braintumourresearch.org

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