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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

Removing the National Clinical Director for Adult Neurology post sends the wrong message to patients

NHS England has announced its intention to cut the National Clinical Director (NCD) for Adult Neurology role at NHS England. This position, which was created just two and a half years ago, is to be scrapped under new NHS England plans, but NCD posts for other disease areas will remain.


Brain Tumour Research is concerned that this demonstrates the lack of commitment the NHS and Government have towards fighting neurological conditions, including brain tumours. At the very least it sends the wrong message to patients with neurological conditions, that effectively tackling this disease area is simply not a government priority.
NHS England created 22 National Clinical Director roles in 2013. The posts were created to establish clinical champions for certain conditions and disease areas. In particular they were tasked with working to share best practice, increase awareness and improve outcomes for those affected by their area of responsibility.

Dr David Bateman, appointed as the NCD for Adult Neurology, has worked on a number of initiatives, including spearheading national and regional improvement initiatives and leading the development of publicly available data and intelligence sources for neurology at national level. Brain Tumour Research believes that the Government is acting in a short-sighted way by removing this position without allowing time for these initiatives to bear fruit.
3,600 people a year die from a brain tumour. Without clinical champions at the national level, the fight to secure the necessary resources to find a cure for this terrible disease becomes even harder. We urge NHS England to reconsider this decision.
For further information on the NCD role changes please contact Sue@braintumourresearch.org.

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