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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

Please join in our Mass Lobby today through Twitter and Facebook

Twitter Lobby

Even if you cannot attend the Brain Tumour Consortium’s mass lobby of Parliament today – Wednesday 13th June there is a way you can raise the profile of brain tumours with your MP and across the internet using social media.

How can you join in?

Using Twitter or Facebook you could:

  1. Tweet or post something to your MP asking them a question or telling them a key fact about brain tumours. 
  2. Retweet their response so others can see what their MP had said about brain tumours.

I don’t have a twitter account or know how it works, can I still join in?

  • Twitter is a social media site that allows people leave comments in just 140 characters. It is possible to direct comments at particular people, including MPs.
  • You can ‘follow’ people to see what they are tweeting. Other people can also follow you.
  • To direct a tweet at someone, you need to start the tweet with their Twitter name, preceded by ‘@’,
  • A hashtag is a tag you can put on the end of your tweet to link it to similar tweets. You can click on a hashtag to see what anyone has been tweeting about that subject. For example, people taking part in the lobby will be asked to use the hashtag – #braintumours – so it is easy to see who has asked questions to their MP and what the response was.
  • It takes five minutes to sign up to Twitter. You can do so at www.twitter.com.
  • You can find out if your MP has a Twitter name at www.tweetminster.com   

If you’re a Facebook user just search for the MPs name and post your comment or question on their ‘wall’

OK, but what should I tweet on Wednesday?

You only need to do one or two but here are some of the questions we suggest in just 140 characters or less:

  • @MP’s twitter name Will you drop in to the brain tumour mass lobby in Westminsiter Hall between 1430 and 1630 today #braintumours
  • @MP’s twitter name Brain tumours kill more children and more people under 40 than any other cancer #braintumours
  • @MP’s twitter name Brain tumours reduce life expectancy by over 21 years on average – more than all of the big four cancers #braintumours
  • @MP’s twitter name up to 40% of cancers end up in the brain but most secondary brain tumours in the UK go unrecorded #braintumours
  • @MP’s twitter name Unlike many other cancers survival rates for brain tumours have not significantly improved in the UK for over 40 years #braintumours
  • @MP’s twitter name Brain Tumours receive just 0.7% of funds allocated to cancer research #braintumours
  • @MP’s twitter name Best practice guidance introduced by NICE in 2006 still has not been implemented across the country #braintumours
  • @MP’s twitter name What can you do to improve care for people with brain tumours people in [insert name of constituency]? #braintumours

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