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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

New Skin Cancer Drug Highlights Need For Increased Brain Tumour Funding

We would like to congratulate the research team behind Pembrolizumab, a new drug for skin cancer. Pembrolizumab is one of a new line of treatments called immunotherapy, which stop cancer cells protecting themselves from the immune system. Early projections suggest that this treatment can increase the one year survival rates for melanomas from just one in ten to almost three in four.


The success of Pembrolizumab demonstrates what well-funded research can acheive. The key to improving survival rates and curing cancer are the treatments, and new treatments require investment in research. As our 2013 report has shown, almost £10 million was spent on research into melanoma and skin cancer in 2012 compared to £4.9 million spent on brain tumours, despite brain tumours killing 3,443 people and skin cancer less than 2,500.

Without change in the way research money is awarded, thousands of brain tumour patients in the UK will continue to die without being given the chance of a recovery that others have, and they deserve. The Government needs to ensure that brain tumour research receives considerably more funding so that, one day, we will be able to announce news like this

We need your help to let the Government know that they need to change the way research funds are allocated. You can do this by signing and sharing our E-Petition with your family, friends and colleagues, as well as writing to your local MP, making them aware of the current state of research funding.

Link to E-Petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/55378

Link to Brain Tumour Research Report: http://www.braintumourresearch.org/uploads/document/BrainTumourResearchNationalFundingReportJuly_2013draft9_897.pdf

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