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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

New report on funding flows for brain tumours

Data from our new report, published by New Philanthropy Capital, speaks for itself:

People with brain tumours have incredibly low survival rate – just 18.8% of those diagnosed between 2006 and 2010 alive in 2011.

More average years of life lost to brain tumours than any other cancer – average of 20.1 years earlier for brain tumour compared with average of 12.5 years earlier when looking at all cancers.

16% increase in deaths from brain tumours over last 10 years.

Five site-specific cancers – Breast cancer, leukaemia, colon and rectal cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer – receive 60% of all national funding, the remaining 40% spread across 43 remaining site-specific cancers, including brain tumours.

The message is simple: we need a sea-change in the way brain tumour research is funded. PLEASE add your signature to our e-petition and let’s get the government to act. Share this please with everyone you know.


For the full report, visit: http://www.thinknpc.org/publications/brain-tumour-research-funding-flows/

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