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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

David Mayo takes on incredible aquatic challenge

David Mayo and Son BrunoIn April 2013, David Mayo’s son, Bruno, was diagnosed with a severe and large brain tumour. He went through a very aggressive operation that left him with many sequela and suffering from cerebellar mutism. Fortunately, he was released from hospital 3 months later. His family have put a lot of effort into Bruno’s rehabilitation (he had to learn to walk and speak again) but with patience and dedication, Bruno is now a happy child. Bruno’s rehabilitation is not over, and his parents still work hard to reduce the differences between Bruno and the rest of the children of his age.

David, after going through much pain and suffering, decided to do something to help others and thought the best way was to fundraise for Brain Tumour Research. Albeit being Spanish, he understands that research has no boundaries, and that is why he chose a British charity.

He started with a very humble goal: swim 365 miles in 365 days and raise 1000 Euro — an amount he managed to raise in just 1 week! He then raised the goal to 6000 euro, but still the 365 miles. 7 months into the challenge, David was above both goals and decided once again to increase the target — he’s now working towards 10,000 Euro and 500 miles!

David Mayo in swim gear‘Swimming is easy’, David says. ‘What’s hard is finding the time, and managing to balance work, life and kids’. That’s why whenever he is on business he finds the nearest aquatics centre or joins the local Masters squad. He has swum in Estonia, Germany, Majorca, Wales, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium… the list goes on! He’s grateful to both ‘The Otters Master Squad’ in London, and to ‘The City of Cambridge Swim Team’, both of which have had him on board their training sessions.

The challenge is over next Monday (31st of August), but David’s throwing in a party on Sunday to celebrate his ‘last’ mile, and has invited a huge number of people to mark the final strokes of his challenge…

Show your support to David and his amazing endeavour today: https://www.justgiving.com/Dee-May

2 Responses to David Mayo takes on incredible aquatic challenge

  1. Wayne says:

    Great news about Bruno David, a sterling effort, I wish you and your family and your efforts well (-:

  2. Wayne says:

    Great to hear that Bruno is progressing. I admire your effort and determination David, you have brightened my day (-:

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