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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

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NCRI Conference 2016 – Day 2

Posted on by Ross Whyte

The second day of the NCRI conference had two primary themes. These highlighted the importance of identifying the changes that occur within cells when they transform into cancer cells, but also how they can then become resistant to the effects … Continue reading

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NCRI Conference 2016 – Day 1

Posted on by Ross Whyte

The UK National Cancer Research Institute organises an annual conference where the lead cancer researchers within the UK come together to share their research findings and discuss potential collaborations. Although there are relatively few presentations on brain tumour research, which … Continue reading

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Committee for Advanced Therapies: Looking to the Future

Posted on by Natalie Dawson

Dr Kieran Breen, our Director of Research, talks about licensing drugs for the treatment of brain tumours.  The European Medicines Agency is responsible for the licensing of most new drugs within the EU. One specific group of medicines regulated by … Continue reading

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Repurposing Drugs to Combat Brain Tumours

Posted on by Crispin

Following trials to assess their safety and efficacy, drugs are usually approved for use in the clinic by the regulatory authorities for the treatment of a specific disease. This is referred to as the drug “license” – the condition for … Continue reading

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Brain tumour breakthrough – fat feeds growth

Posted on by Crispin

Experts from Newcastle University have made a breakthrough in studying the growth of brain tumours. Their discovery is that fat rather than sugar is a tumour’s preferred source of energy. This could open up a new avenue for developing effective cancer-fighting drugs. Our … Continue reading

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