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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

Cancer Research UK funds important research


Cancer Research UK has rewarded four of the UK’s most promising cancer doctors with a prestigious award to fund crucial research to develop and test urgently  needed treatments.The clinical trial fellowship award provides funding for up to three years and aims to accelerate progress and increase survival from cancer.

The research will focus on different treatments, including ‘precision’ medicines for bladder and pancreatic cancers, tailoring treatments for bowel and lung cancer patients based on the gene faults behind their disease, and immunotherapy drugs – which use the body’s natural defences to attack cancer cells.

Brain Tumour Research supports this crucial effort to find a cure for cancers, and urges Cancer Research UK, and other funders, to make sure that rarer cancers, including brain tumours, receive their fair share of research funding. Currently brain tumours receive just 1% of national research funding for cancer.

Sue Farrington Smith, Chief Executive of Brain Tumour Research said “We strongly believe that research is the best way to improve survival rates and outcomes for patients and their families. We commend the important research being funded by Cancer Research UK and urge the charity to fund more research into the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under the age of 40; brain tumours.”

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