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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

Brain Tumour Research congratulates The Brain Tumour Charity and Brain Tumour UK on their merger.

Brain Tumour Research (which includes 20 member charities and 17 umbrella groups) welcomes the news that The Brain Tumour Charity and Brain Tumour UK have merged into one organisation. We congratulate these two charities for recognising the value of a merger to bring increased focus and resource available for the support of brain tumour patients and their carers. This unification will improve the flow of information and care provided for thousands of people.


Brain Tumour Research is a young organisation compared with these other two charities, and we have grown rapidly since our launch in 2009.


In collaboration with our member charities, we jointly raised over £2 million in 2011 and Brain Tumour Research now supports an annual £1 million programme of research into brain tumours. Indeed, the charity has evolved now to become a leading voice calling for greater support and action to fund consistent and sustainable research into brain tumours in the UK. Funding for brain tumour scientific research has been woefully inadequate for far too long and our mission is clear: we need to raise £7 million a year to fund seven Research Centres of Excellence across the UK.


Brain Tumour Research has already established our first Centre at the University of Portsmouth in 2010, with an important expansion to the laboratory announced in November 2012. We are well into a stringent, open and transparent selection process of establishing the second and potentially third Centre in 2013. We have been overwhelmed by enthusiastic applications from 12 different research centres across the UK all of whom, in recognition of our achievements and strategy, are very keen to become Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence.


Sue Farrington Smith, Trustee of Ali’s Dream and Director of Brain Tumour Research, has led the lobbying campaign to raise awareness in government for brain tumours, having established the Brain Tumour All Party Parliamentary Group in 2005. Brain Tumour Research was a founder member of the Brain Tumour Consortium alongside the two merging charities and the International Brain Tumour Alliance, and has been collaborating on lobbying since 2010.


We will follow developments closely; our priority is finding a cure for this devastating disease, and increasing survivorship and quality of life for those affected by brain tumours. We very much look forward to working in harmony with the all-new The Brain Tumour Charity and coordinating awareness-raising campaigns to create opportunities for the public to help fund scientific research as well as support for patients and survivors, their families and carers.



Sue Farrington Smith says: “Our ethos has always been to raise awareness within the general public in the UK and grow the market for fundraising directed towards brain tumour research and support. We believe in working together with other brain tumour charities toward this goal.





Brain Tumour Research was launched in April 2009 to raise the awareness of and funding for scientific research into brain tumours and improve outcomes for brain tumour patients in the UK. We are the only national brain tumour charity in the UK that is dedicated to granting 100% of our funds to continuous and sustainable scientific research.

Brain Tumour Research comprises the following 20 member charities who have united together under our banner: Ali’s Dream, Anna’s Hope, Astro Brain Tumour Fund, Brain and Spine Foundation, Brainstrust, Brain Tumour Research Campaign, Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire, Brainwaves, Charlie’s Challenge, Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, Ellie Savage Memorial Trust, Ellie’s Fund, Headcase, Katy Holmes Trust, Levi’s Star, The Diana Ford Trust, The Lisa Wiles Red Wellies Brain Tumour Support Fund, The PPR Foundation, Trudy’s Trust and Thorne Mason Trust.


In addition Brain Tumour Research has a fast growing band of fundraisers and fundraising groups across the UK including: Taylan’s Project, Head 1st, Lisa’s Gift, Maggie Harvey Trust, 4Aurora, Twelfth Man, The Mark Cogan Foundation, Sophie’s Wish, Aaron’s Legacy of Hope, The Robin Menary Foundation, Erin’s Angel, Aladdin’s Lamp Fund, Alexandra’s Angels, MINE, Hazel’s Light, The Diane Wright Trust and The Dandy Trust.

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