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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

2015: Closer To A Cure

sue with reportsAs we settle back into the routines of daily life after the Christmas and New Year break and we ponder our hopes and fears for 2015 I thought I would remind you of our absolute dedication to our vision of finding a cure for brain tumours.

When we launched Brain Tumour Research in 2009 at the House of Commons, it was our intention then to grow the market for brain tumour fundraising and to establish seven centres of excellence dedicated to brain tumour research. We started with highlighting the issues of the inequalities of funding for brain tumour research and we published our first authoritative report in June 2009. In July 2013, we reinforced the continuing issues by publishing our report on national research funding which we updated in July 2014; the reports call on the Government, the larger cancer charities and the general public to get behind our cause.

We are now a national and credible force.

Funding for research into brain tumours is now gathering momentum and we had our best fundraising year ever in 2014, with £4m raised by us and our member charities.

We now have three centres at Plymouth University, University of Portsmouth and Queen Mary University of London which are going from strength to strength and continue to gain praise and respect from the cancer research community worldwide.

We have come far and we need you to pledge to double the support you have given us over the years so that we can support our existing centres and reach our ultimate goal of seven centres in the UK.
With secure long term funding covering the key salaried positions, the centres we support are freed from the limitations and frustrations of applying for one specific project grant after another in order to secure opportunities. Promising researchers are therefore able to be trained up through the ranks and fulfil their potential, rather than being tempted into other cancer research which currently attracts greater funding.

Brain Tumour Awareness month will soon be upon us in March and our national Wear A Hat Day (27/03/14) is a great opportunity to get your place of work, your club and your schools involved. We also have a great choice of running and challenge events and of course you can get involved in Host for Hope in the summer months or throughout the year and host a gathering whether it be a coffee morning, BBQ, afternoon tea, dinner party or something else, raising money through tickets and raffles. You could also take up our Conquer It Together challenge and ask for sponsorship to do something physical, do something silly or face a fear.

We need you to help us raise money to fund seven centres of excellence, to ensure that the causes of brain tumour are identified, to ensure that every aspect of brain tumours is understood, to ensure that all 120+ types of brain tumours are being researched, to ensure that treatments that will improve outcomes are discovered and to ensure that a cure for brain tumours will be found.

Please join our #FightingForce, please continue to support us, and please help us raise money to beat brain tumours.

With love, thoughts and thanks

Sue xx

One Response to 2015: Closer To A Cure

  1. Alison Russell says:

    Thank you for all that you are doing for brain tumour research. We lost our wonderful mum New Year’s Eve 6 years ago to a brain tumour and miss her terribly every day. She was a fantastic nurse, wonderful wife, mother, sister and so much more. She lived life a lot faster than everyone else and ii wonder now if it was because she knew her time was limited. She has now missed the birth of her 1st grandchild and many other things that we should have done as a family. Most of all she would want us all to keep raising money and the profile of this terrible disease so another family does not have to suffer the same heartache. Keep going – every day is a step closer to a cure. Thank you from the Russell family x

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