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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

Repurposing Drugs to Combat Brain Tumours

Brain Tumour ScanFollowing trials to assess their safety and efficacy, drugs are usually approved for use in the clinic by the regulatory authorities for the treatment of a specific disease. This is referred to as the drug “license” – the condition for which it can be prescribed by a doctor. However, an increasing number of studies have shown that drugs which have been approved for one condition may be effective in the treatment of others. This is referred to as drug repurposing. The advantage of this approach is that the drugs are likely already to have passed the initial safety stage of drug development so that they can immediately go into clinical trials to assess how effective they may be.

In this blog post, our Director of Research, Dr Kieran Breen, looks at this subject in more depth as he prepares for Brain Tumour Research to play a key role in the future of influencing drug repurposing in the UK. (more…)


Lorna Atkinson – In Our Hearts

Lorna AtkinsonLorna was diagnosed with an aggressive GBM4 brain tumour in September 2014.  She was an outgoing, healthy lady of 68, who enjoyed playing badminton regularly, going to Zumba and Boxerfit classes and spending time with her two daughters and her grandchildren. She had just moved into a new home with her partner of three and a half years when she was given the devastating news that she had a tumour in her brain.

Here is Lorna’s story as told by her daughter Lisa…  (more…)


Darel Bryan – In Our Hearts

Darel BryanDarel was 33 years old and in the prime of his life when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in December 2014. Previously extremely healthy and active, it was a complete shock and devastating to his family and his beloved partner of 12 years, Natalie. Darel bravely fought this aggressive disease for 15 months, but sadly lost his battle on 26th February 2016.

“The clinical nurse specialists at the meeting told us not to look his diagnosis up… I was to discover that GBM is a monster; it is relentless and an utterly cruel disease. It not only robs you of who you are, it robbed Darel and me of our future together.” (more…)


All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours – July 2016

Parliamentary Briefing shotAs Westminster welcomed Britain’s second woman Prime Minister on Wednesday, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Brain Tumours and members of the brain tumour community met in the heart of Parliament.

The APPG meeting reviewed the landmark success of the Petitions Committee inquiry into brain tumour research funding and discussed how the new Government can take forward their recommendations in the year ahead. (more…)

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Heather Turner – In Hope

Heather TurnerHeather was 24 when she was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a low-grade brain tumour which caused partial hearing loss. The only treatment option was surgery but complications caused nerve damage leading to life-long difficulties including facial palsy and the loss of sight in one eye.

“It took me ten years to recover from the damage caused by surgery to remove my brain tumour. There have been times when I’ve wondered if life was still worth living. Although I have lost count of the number of operations I have had to make me look ‘normal’, I now feel as if the worst thing that ever happened to me has changed my life for the better.”

Heather tells her story… (more…)

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