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If only brain tumour research could be funded in the same way as leukaemia and other cancers

Two minutes with… Dr Nabil Hajji – Senior scientist at Imperial College

Nabil_Hajji[1]What’s the first thing you do in the morning?   

The first thing I do is prepare my kids for school and check my emails.


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Katie Smith – In Hope

Katie SmithSpecial needs teacher Katie Smith, 31, was struck down with debilitating headaches just weeks after returning from her honeymoon. After numerous visits to the doctor and hospital appointments, her symptoms were finally diagnosed as a brain tumour and Katie was given the agonising prognosis that she may not live to see her 40th birthday. Together with her mum who is battling Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Katie has written a bucket list and has been able to cross off “publish a book” after winning a children’s writing competition launched by ITV’s Lorraine Kelly. Together with husband Luke, she is facing a dilemma over whether to go ahead with their plans to start a family.

“I feel we need something to live for but do I really want to bring a child into the world knowing that, potentially, it’s going to lose its mum at a young age? Or perhaps we should try to live our lives the way we would have done had we not known about the brain tumour. In order to protect the unborn child, you can’t have an MRI scan until you have passed the 12-week mark. The hormones of pregnancy could cause the tumour to grow and, if it came to it, would I choose myself over my baby? It is impossible to imagine, although I know what Luke would say. I had always imagined myself with three kids but now we will be lucky to have one. It is a very tough decision and one which we will make together.”

Katie tells her story…



Two minutes with… Robin Meltzer – Director of Fundraising

Robin MeltzerWhat’s the first thing you do in the morning?

A triple spin, up on to the toes, then swiftly into a sideways moonwalk.



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Joe Wilson – In Our Hearts

Joe WilsonOur son Joe was only eight when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent surgery. He recovered well and we managed to get on with life despite the anxiety of knowing there was a high chance the tumour would come back. Joe was so positive and carried on even when he had to undergo radiotherapy at 13. Joe left home and started a new life at university. Within months he suffered a seizure and never fully recovered. He was 20 when he died at home with his fiancé of two weeks and us at his bedside.

 “Joe’s brain tumour dominated the whole of his adult life. Despite everything he remained outgoing and managed to keep his positive outlook, he had a great love of life. He had just started at university when his tumour came back with a vengeance. He had met a great girl who he loved and they got engaged two weeks before he passed away with his head on my shoulder and surrounded by those he loved.”

Here is Joe’s story, as told by his father Paul Wilson…


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Easter Fundraising Ideas

Easter 1Spring has sprung and Easter is the perfect time for some fresh fundraising.

We’ve hatched some egg-cellent ideas for you to choose from over the bank holiday weekend!

Host an Easter picnic – pick a park and ask you friends for a donation to cover the food and drink, plus a little extra for Brain Tumour Research!

Create your own Easter bonnet competition – a great time for young fundraisers. Collect an entry fee to raise funds.

Easter 3Easter bake sale – from rabbit-shaped cookies and rice-crispy-mini-egg cakes, to the traditional Simmel cake. Sweet treats are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Suggest £2.50 a cake!

Easter egg hunt – set a trail with clues around your local park, community centre or at home. Ask for an entry fee to take part.

Guess the mini eggs in a jar – 50p per guess!

Rabbit in a Hat Badgepurchase one from our eBay shop for yourself or call us to request a box of these unique pin badges (created in memory of magician, Paul Daniels) to sell to your friends and family. You can also sell them at any of the above events too. That’s magic!

Paul Daniels In Mem Rabbit in a Hat badge

Click here to download special ‘Empty Belly’ posters that you can use to help publicise your event – these are fillable PDFs meaning you can type your details directly into the design to make your posters look really professional! We also have press release templates on our website which can be used to help you get some media coverage before or after your event. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Fundraising support team on 01908 867200 or email us if you need any further assistance or have any questions.

Happy hoppy fundraising!

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